Bedside Manners Discussion Questions

Beside Manners Discussion Questions

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  1. Brook finds herself torn between two very different men in the story. What is it that she is attracted to in each of them? Why, when she seems to think Ben is perfect for her, is she still drawn to Chip?
  2. Is Brook really confused about what she wants, or does she just say that as a reason to keep things casual with Ben? If so, why?
  3. Brook has a complicated relationship with her mother. Why do they seem to push each other’s buttons so easily? Despite her frequent acrimony toward her mom, Brook still seems to crave her approval. Why is this?
  4. When Brook tries to reach out to her mom, she often feels that her mother’s reactions ruin her good intentions. Do you agree that Vivian is often the root of the problem? If not, how does Brook contribute to their difficult relationship?
  5. Does Vivian love her daughter? Is she a good parent? Discuss her strengths and shortcomings as a mother.
  6. Is Sasha and Stu’s relationship healthy? What is it based on?
  7. Although Brook is happy that Sasha has found love with Stu, she’s a bit uncomfortable that her friend is now the one in a seemingly healthy relationship, while Brook is the one floundering. Why is that hard for Brook?
  8. Brook feels left out of the relationship between her brother and her best friend. Is that a factor in her actions in this story? In what way?
  9. Was what Brook did with Chip cheating? Why or why not?
  10. Do you think Ben is the right guy for Brook? Why or why not?
  11. Brook begins a new Breakup Doc practice via support groups, so she can help more people at once. Do you think the idea of people experiencing heartbreak and talking about it together is really a viable one? Why or why not? Is it something you think would appeal to you in that situation?
  12. Were there warning signs that Brook missed in Chip Santana for his later behavior? Have you ever had a relationship with the “warning signs”? Did you ignore them, or heed them? Why?
  13. Is Chip abusive, or just a guy who lost his temper? Should Brook make sure he faces consequences for his actions, or should she avoid potentially derailing any future progress he might continue to make?