Breakup Doctor Discussion Questions

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  • Sasha is clearly Brook’s best friend and closest confidante. Why does Brook turn on her when things are bleakest for her after Sasha gets her out of jail?
  • Why does Brook have so much trouble getting along with her mother, when she and her father seem to have such a good relationship? Is she actually close to either of her parents?
  • Have you experienced trouble relating to a parent, and tried to learn to see them as a person, instead of just your parent? Did it affect your relationship? If so, how?
  • Thanks to her background as a mental health professional, as well as her own practical nature, Brook knows how unhealthy certain post-breakup behaviors are. So why does she end up doing so many of them despite that?
  • Did you like the relationship Brook had with Kendell prior to their breakup? Did you see warning signs that told you their relationship might not be on firm ground? If so, what were they?
  • When you have had your heart broken in the past, do you handle things more like Sasha or like Brook? In other words, do you let yourself feel what you’re feeling, act out if you need to, to get past it, or do you “tough things out” until the pain fades? Do you consciously handle heartbreak the way you do? If so, why?
  • Is it helpful to share your pain and vulnerabilities with loved ones, or does that make it harder for you?
  • Does Ben seem like a good match for Brook, or is it too soon to tell? If he does, why? How is he different from the other men in Brook’s life whom we know about? Why does she call him at the end of the story, when she seemed to have decided she had missed her opportunity with him?
  • Did Brook’s heartache with Kendell—and her fiancé Michael before him—make you think of a time your heart has been broken? What did you do afterward? How long did it take you to heal, and what helped you do so?